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March 6, 2011 / The Ghost

The Smurfs

It looked so blue, too good to be Avatar!

But it isn’ t. Actually this whole movie is awful. The smurfs are living in New York, like the Na’Vi are living on Pandora. Clearly inspired on it! Same thing for the color of the creatures. Avatar obviously was first with the blue color, why did they copy it? Couldn’ t they use another color? Maybe pink? FAGS. Also, they both have tails. Captain Obvious.

If you thought that was it, it isn’ t! Yes, I was as astonished as you are right now when I noticed. It’ s in 3D!!! Can you believe it? How dare they do that?!? This movie is going asap to my hate-list. I hope the makers of this movie are going to apologize to Jamesie!

My alternate plot:

Just start playing Avatar when people enter the cinema, they will not notice the difference and will enjoy it oh so much! It’ s blue and 3D, what’s there not to like?! 🙂

The Smurfs” on IMDB. Rate: -50/10. I can’ t stand people ripping off Avatar! STOP IT.


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