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March 7, 2011 / The Ghost


I had a dream, that I was not watching this movie.

Christopher Nolan has a weird taste for plots. I didn’t understand Memento and I don’t understand this one either. How can you have a dream within a dream? Why is there a train on the road in the city? Why is his wife there with him? Why is his she trying to kill him? Why does the hallway turn upside down? Why can the Japanese man speak English?? It’s so complicated!!!

Oh, and how is it even possible that Jack is alive again and that he hasn’t aged?? He drowned in Titanic! STOP. BRINGING. HIM. TO. LIFE.

My alternate ending:

Jack stays stuck in his dream forever until he’s a plant and I get Kate. I win again. 🙂

Inception” on IMDB. Rate: 2/10, because Jack is alive again and there’s no Kate.

Oh and just so you know: Inception is a very big rip-off from Beyblade! If you can’t make movies for normal people, Christieboy, then at least be original!!!


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