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March 11, 2011 / The Ghost


Why did they make movie about a cow’ s face? :s I want my money back, I can see cows every day at the country side if I want!

“Rundskop” is about a butchers family and it’ s a complete rip-off from “Van Vlees en Bloed“, a Belgian comedy. Of course “Rundskop” isn’ t a comedy. This movie is a mix of “The Muppet Show“, “Saw” and “Monty Python“. The fact that it’ s based on these three movies, makes it ridiculous, because it has allready been done. In 1980 Stanley Kubrick based his movie “The Shining” on these three movies, and it sucked. No need to say that they shouldn’ t even have started making “Rundskop”.

My alternate plot:
Put miss Piggy in it.

“Rundskop” on IMDB. Knor knor /10.


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