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March 13, 2011 / The Ghost

The King’ s Speech

I don’ t understand how someone with impromptu ascension can get a leading role in a movie. And to top it all: he wins an Oscar for it. W.T.F.

It’ s one thing to give people with impromptu ascension a chance to play in a movie, but never give them a leading role! Now the whole movie was about trying to solve the imptromptu ascension, while the story could have had so much more depth. What happens to the children, did they ever become king or queens? What happens to his wife, or to his mother? So much they had to make a good movie, and they talk about a stupid speech and someone who is trying to solve impromptu ascension. I don’ t understand this.. Really, what kind of dope are they taking in Hollywood?

My alternate plot

Let aliens invade Great Britain during World War II, and make them eat the King. Long live the king!

“The King’ s Speech” on IMDB. Rate: 0/10.


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