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March 16, 2011 / The Ghost

Schindler’ s List

This movie is awesome. For colorblind people.

Really, guys, the plot is unbelievable, it’ s obviously fiction. It’ s bad enough that you didn’ t spend any money on colorcamera’s. Please film a remake, I stopped watching after 5 minutes because there weren’ t any blue aliens in it. And if there were blue aliens in it, I couldn’ t see them, could I?

So one of my friends said I should watch more than 5 minutes, which I did. Then I realised this was really a tragicomedy. It’s really funny when the German dude starts shooting around the camp from his balcony with his sniper riffle. Also, when the gun didn’t work, so funny! 😀

My alternate plot

Schindler’ s Alien List. Featuring ET, the Na’Vi, Tron and Jack (off). In color AND 3D. Take that.

Schindler’ s List” on IMDB. 2/10. One for each color in this movie.


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