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March 17, 2011 / The Ghost

The Godfather

God is not my father, I myself am God. So this movie sucks.

I didn’ t really understand this movie. Is it a “Maffia for dummies” book? In that case: it is a documentary and should be listed as documentary, they should put it on the box!

My alternate plot

I’ d make it more obvious that it is a guideline to become a criminal. Maybe change the title to “Maffia for dummies”? Also put interviews in it, it makes everything more believable! You should have asked Michael Moore to direct this documentary. Other good titles would be:

  • Maffia for dummies
  • Life as it is: Maffia
  • The God
  • Bowling for Maffia
  • Shooter

Also: It’ s not in 3D and the special effects are really old. What do you expect? You just can’ t make a good movie without having special effects or 3D in it.. Except for Titanic. And even with Titanic they saw it was out of date: they’ re making a 3D-version of it. Please make a new version of this movie. NOW.

The Godfather” on IMDB. Rate: First make a better movie (documentary), then I’ ll rate.

PS: I got agitated by the horse head in bed!!


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