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March 21, 2011 / The Ghost


OK, that’ s it. Dear blog readers, I can’ t stand it anymore!

This is too crazy for words. When did this happen? I never saw it on the news, nor heard it on the radio or saw it in newspapers! Was I supposed to see this? Was this a video from the secret intellegence services? I guess I’ ll never know.

The crazy thing is, I watched the news the other night, and there was a “live”- broadcasting from New York. All buildings were still there. That’ s when I realised news is FAKE! Yes people, don’ t believe what they’ re telling you, it’ s all just crap. They record it in studios with photos and add some noise to it. They call this news?!?

My alternate plot:

You can’ t really call this a plot, it’ s real life, so…

“Cloverfield” on IMDB. 0/10. Because the makers just took the tape from poor Rob Hawkins, run of with it and now are making billions of dollars out of it.

PS: What happened to the creature? It’ s not still out there, is it? :s


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