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March 23, 2011 / The Ghost

Red Riding Hood

This movie couldn’ t go wrong from the beginning: it’ s from Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight.

But it’ s not as good as Twilight 😦 Actually, this whole movie is based on “The Village“. If they had watched that movie, they should have known that red is the BAD color! They should have worn yellow in order to keep the beast silent. Poor poor Valerie.

It’ s a bit weird and unbelievable that a good inspector like Jim Gordon doesn’ t know he has to wear yellow. I wondered why he didn’ t call out to Batman to come help them, but then I understood. In “The Dark Knight” the sign to call Batman was destroyed, so he couldn’ t find him. I bet he regrets that now!

My alternate title:

Yellow Riding Hood

“Red Riding Hood” on IMDB. Rate: x/10. Where x is the unknown, representing 0.


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