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March 25, 2011 / The Ghost

Scent of a Woman

This movie is about the scent of a woman? ROFL.

Please. First of all, women don’ t have a unique smell. They “buy” their smells at perfume stores. If you don’ t know that, you shouldn’ t start making a movie like this.

The movie is about red Ferrari’ s. I don’ t like Ferrari. I am more a Lada kind of man: good stuff, for only a few dollars.

Alternate title

“Scent of a Ferrari”. No, make that “Scent of a Lada”. Love. It.

Alternate plot

Al Pachino should kill himself right away so the movie is over more quickly and I don’ t have to suffer anymore watching it. Thanx.

You could make “Strength of a woman” the theme song. That way Shaggy can be in the movie to kill Al and make a party out of it with lots of boose and girls.

“Scent of a Woman” on IMDB. Rate: 10 / 1000000 / 10 / 10.


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