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March 28, 2011 / The Ghost


For the second day in a row I’ m going to review a TV series: Friends. And believe you me, it’ s about friends.

Yes, friends is about friends. 6 friends – 3 boys and 3 girls – are living in New York and messing around: some sleep together, other ones bake cakes together and theres one thing they’ re always repeating: drinking coffee at the coffee house “Central Perk”. Note to the makers: It’ s “Central Park” with an A, standing for Assmonkey. I don’ t know why you would make a series about friends drinking coffee.. Everybody has friends!! Everybody drinks coffee! Except for me, I don’ t need friends and I don’ t like coffee. I’ m too much like a God for everyone. It’ s a bit of a burden to be like God, but I god (haha) used to it.

That Joey-guy seems like the only decent, smart and sharp guy int he series. He actually says some clever things, in contrary to the other actors.

Alternate plot

Make the title “Enemies” and make everyone enemies so they attack eachother all the time. That way you can also put lots and lots of CGI in it. That’ s what I call a win-win situation 🙂 Oh yes, and name the coffeehouse “Central PARK”. Or even better: “Central Park Coffee House”, because when you look up “Central Park” on Google maps, you find this:

Where the hell should you start looking for a coffee house in such a forrest?!

“Friends” on IMDB. Rate: C. A “C” because you don’ t need to C this series lol!!!

PS: If you would ask me to watch this series again, I’ d say yes. But you’ d have to buy me two bags of nachos: One for me, and one for the person aiming the gun at me.


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