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March 30, 2011 / The Ghost

Batman Begins

I already expressed my frustration about original titles, and yet again I’m going to complain about it. I’m sorry my little Nolan, but you’re going to get an ass whooping this time.

Seriously, I like the man who dresses like a bat. I dress like a bat. It allows me to hang upside down and shit on myself. I like that. But why in the world would someone come up with such a lame title? It’s as if everyone had a spontaneous heart attack during the brainstorm session or wrote something down while they were stoned. It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe people get payed for this.

What are they going to call the final Batman movie? “Batman Ends” ? Bhahaha, don’t make me laugh.

My alternate title:

“I’m Batman, I am stinking rich and I spend my cheap dollars on latex suits and fly around like a moron.” It’s easy and it explains the content of the film. Simple.

“Batman Begins” on IMDB. Rate: 2/10. Because they were smart enough to call the second movie “The Dark Knight” and not “Batman Is Halfway”.


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