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April 4, 2011 / The Ghost

V For Vendetta

V is very good for Vendetta, but it isn’t the only good thing about it.

Elrond AKA Agent Smith plays V in this awesome realistic movie of the future. England prevails! Not only is the movie filled with references to V or the Roman number five, but you can make so much cool words with the letter V.

  • Vibration
  • Vagina juice
  • Virgin queen
  • Viagra Falls

By the way, I hope Natalie Portman shaved more than just her head for this movie. If you get what I mean, you horny bunch of readers. Wink wink.

My alternate ending:

There is no better ending. The House of Parliament and the Big Ben explode on music of Tchaikovsky while hundreds of V’s watch the fireworks. It’s even more awesome than a unicorn fucking a squirrel on speed. And I can tell, because I participated.

As the unicorn.

“V For Vendetta” on IMDB. Rate: VV/10. Because two V’s are better than one.


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