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April 8, 2011 / The Ghost

Ben Hur

I was a bit affraid that it wouldn’ t be in color when I started watching it. So I was already very happy when I saw there ware colors involved.

Now, the movie starts when Ben (Played by Charlieboy) and Quintus are still good friends. Ben is a Jew, Quintus is a Roman. When they meet again later on in the story, Quintus is the Roman ruler of the province and Bennie is the one who wants the province teared apart from the Roman empire. This makes them both angry. Quitie sends Bennie to the galleys. This is like a big punishment for Bennie, who does not like to row and breaks free eventually. Bennie returns to his home and is very angry at Quitieboy, so he wants to run a prank on him. A horserace in the big stadium. They start racing around in the stadium and Bennie wins it. Quintie dies and Bennie is happy because his prank worked out just the way he planned. Great movie. Great plot.

But there it stops. The colors are retarded, too damn light. The fact that this film was produced in 1959 could have nothing to do with it. Also, the special effects are weak. Even the Romans themselves had better CGI. Proof of that is “Passion of the Christ“. Filmed centuries before “Ben Hur” and so much better. PS: The Romans in the movie look like Playmobil-romans.

My alternate plot:

The plot is great, but I’ d make the movie end with a street race through the streets of Rome. You could then change the name of the movie to “The Fast and the Furious: Rome Drift”. Awesome. At the end Bennie is the fastest, rides first on the Via Appia and becomes the emperor. He feeds Quintus to the lions and enjoys himself with a nice snack while watching the crowd sheering for dear old (dead) Quitiboy. Aagh where are the times..

“Ben Hur” on IMDB. Rate: 10/10 … For my review. 0/10 for the movie. 🙂


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