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April 10, 2011 / The Ghost

How I met your mother

This series is su – wait for it – cky.

After 6 seasons they still haven’ t explained how Teddy met his mother. That’ s what this series is all about, right? Every episode starts with a flashback where his father talks to him and his sister about how he met his mother, but in the meanwhile Teddyboy still doesn’ t know. I feel pitty for him. 😦

Also: why did his mother leave him and his sister alone with his father? Why is it not clear that the first scene of every episode is a flashback? Why is he named Teddyboy? Why isn’ t he having an affair with Robin? Why is Robin’ s last name Scherbatsky? Why is Barney so awesome? So many questions!
Because Teddy still hasn’ t met his mother, and the makers can’ t come up with decent ideas, I’ m going to suggest some meetings.

My alternate meetings:

  • Teddy is hit by a car, and while lying in the hospital, his mother finally visits him but can’ t stand him because he’ s so ugly, so she takes out her bazooka and shoots his hospital room to hell.
  • His mother is a hooker. When he goes to the hookers, he finds out he picked out his mum.. That would be so awesome!
  • Barney is actually the son of Teddy and Lilly is his aunt, so Lilly is the sister of his mother. When Ted finds out, he kills Lilly. His mother has to come to the funural. When Teddy meets his mother at the funural, he kills her so he doesn’ t have to pay for Lilly AND his mother’ s funural. Teddy wins.
  • Teddy never meets his mother and dies alone in the filthy streets of New York. In this scenario we will have to change the title to “I don’ t know how I met your mother”.

“How I met your mother” on IMDB. Rate: 10/10. Because I met your mother.



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  1. Neveneffect / Apr 13 2011 17:46

    I think you don’t get the point..
    It’s not about how Ted’s FATHER met Ted’s mother, it’s about Ted who meets his wife and tells the story to his kids.

    • The Ghost / Apr 15 2011 11:02

      I think YOU don’ t get the point. It’ s obviously about Ted’ s father. I don’ t understand why you would criticize me. I’ m one of the best reviewers on this planet. End of discussion.

      • Neveneffect / Apr 15 2011 15:07

        okaaay, only trying to help here πŸ™‚

    • The Ghost / Apr 16 2011 17:42

      Sorry. It’ s just that I get frustrated when people can’ t even understand the plot of a movie/serie. I try my very best explaining everything in my blog, but some people still do not understand. It’ s sad.

      • Neveneffect / Apr 16 2011 17:57

        But you’re the one who doesn’t understand the plot of HIMYM… anyways, I don’t think I can get through to you, so I’ll stop trying

      • The Ghost / Apr 17 2011 09:46

        I think YOU don’ t understand the plot of HIMYM. But let that be the end of it.

        Please read my other reviews to discover a lot of other interesting movies and series.

  2. Neveneffect / Apr 13 2011 17:47

    Ted’s wife being the mother of the two kids you mention

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