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April 13, 2011 / The Ghost

The Truman Show

Oh my God. I hope I am not being videotaped right now…

Since I’ ve seen this movie I’ m not certain anymore that I’ m being followed all the time. Yes, I’ m a little bit paranoia ever since. Who wouldn’ t be!

Although they say it can not be in this movie, I suspect them for really doing this. I think they locked poor Jim Carrey up for real to record this movie. And I also think he got out there after he found a green mask which made him able to free himself. Shame on you Peter Weir, they should lock you up for the rest of your life!

Now give me a break, I’ m gonna kick my brother untill he confesses everything to me. And now i’m going to “pleasure” my mother and brother, because they are actors and I can do with them as I please. Makes me feel a little bit like a porn-actor though..

My alternate plot:

Three letters: C – G – I.

“The Truman Show” on IMDB. Rate: First lock Jamesie (Peter Weird in this case) up, then I’ ll rate.

PS: This review is Tru(e) Man hahaha!


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