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April 15, 2011 / The Ghost

The Passion of the Christ

It’ s so sad 😦 I’ m so happy this is a movie and just fiction, because it’ s really dumb and cruel what they did to him!!!

Mel Gibson’ s “Passion of the Christ” is made with a lot of passion. In the theatre, I’ ve wetted my pants because it was so sick. I can’ t understand why an actor would have a pin hammered through his hand, just for a movie.. That’ s just sick. Strange thing is, in the movies he made later in his career, he didn’ t have a gap in his hand anymore. He had some plastic chirurgury I guess, or he uses a fake hand now. In that case, it would be so much cooler to have a machinegun-hand, something like the leg of the girl in “Planet Terror“. Oh my, I really need to review “Planet Terror”!!

PS: This movie is from Mel Gibson. A thing I can not understand. He is an actor, right? Not a director? Tsk Tsk Tsk.

My alternate plot

Put vampires in it. They could suck Jezus’ blood and make him become a vampire, so he wouldn’ t even have to suffer on the cross. How cool would that be?

He could also easily spread his new religion. The only thing he needs to do now, is bite people. 🙂

“The Passion of the Christ” on IMDB. Rate: 7/10


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