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April 17, 2011 / The Ghost

In Bruges

It’ s in Bruges.. What were they smoking when they wrote this script?

Let’ s make a movie in Bruges. OK, cool. But what is this movie about? Just killing, killing some more and murdering? No.. Because that would be too cool. “In Bruges” is about being in Bruges. Of all places. Why didn’ t they film it in a big city? Like New York, Tokyo, Moscow, .. No. Bruges.

Between the cows, dwarfs and Belgian people you can sometimes see a gun in this movie. But that’ s the most exciting it gets. Well, not completely, there’ s this guy who falls from the Belfort-tower, and there are a lot of people being shot, and dealing drugs. But it is in Bruges. It’ s not realistic. I think you can compare this movie with a big excel list. At the beginning you think: oh, exciting, what’ s going to be in this document? But then you scroll down the page, and you see numbers, numbers, numbers and more numbers. By the end of the movie you’ ve opened your laptop and put on some hardcore p*rn, jack(ing) yourself of.

“In Bruges” on IMDB. Rate: 1/10


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