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April 19, 2011 / The Ghost

La conquête

Amazing. But I didn’ t understand.

Yes. I thought this movie was one of the best I’ ve ever seen. It tells the story of a rising star: Nicholas Sarkozy. Sarkozy (played by Denis Podalydès) is about to become president of the France republic, and the movie follows his steps closely. His size was however a bit unrealistic. The actor was too tall to play Sarko. From what I’ ve heard, Sarko has more or less the size of a Hobbit. But enough about that. Let’ s talk about the movie.

Sarko has stolen the plot of his life from Mahadma Gandhi. Yes. You’ re shocked. I was too when I found out. Mahadmaboy was also very important for his country, but never physically fought for it. Nor did Sarko. At the end, Gandhi sadly died. And Sarko will die as well sometime (all humans die, capt. Obvious). You see, Sarkozy is like the Gandhi of France. He deserves this movie.

Now the title, and the spoken language is french. I can understand that since it’ s about Sarko and Frace, and they speak french in France. But they also speak and understand english over there. Maybe you could refilm this whole movie so I can understand it next time I watch it? Thanx!

My alternate title:

La conquête on IMDB. Rate: 1/10. That’ s little, as is Sarkozy.


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