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April 20, 2011 / The Ghost

Amstel Gold Race


After seeing “De Ronde“, I was really looking forward to another series with cycling in it. So last sunday I watched “Amstel Gold Race”. It was programmed very early in the afternoon, and each episode takes 4 hours! So I was a bit confused and that might have been why I didn’ t enjoy it that much and I started humping my parakeet.

It started the same way “De Ronde” started: with the start of the cycling competition. But that’ s where we can stop comparing the both series. Where “De Ronde” had several stories in it, there was only one big story in “Amstel Gold Race”. The plot was just about cycling. No suicidal people, no love, no accidents, no shit, no Havana. Nothing but cycling.

There was some animo in the plot when some of the cyclist fell. But you could tell that it wasn’ t real. It was some very bad acting. At the end there was some excitement when Schleck attacked, but then it wasn’ t fun anymore. Gilbert closed the gap and won. Easy as that. Strange thing is, that was also the end of this episode. I’ m curious what next episode is going to be about?? The race has finished so…?? Maybe Gilbert will kill one of the other cyclists? Maybe Schleck has gone to the Havana-club? Or maybe Freire has runned someone over with his car?

Also, I would like to have a shorter next episode. Make it episodes of 1 hour again, 4 hours is just too much. And maybe they can put the dwarf back in there? I really liked him!

My alternate plot:

Put the dwarf back in and let him shit on the cyclists who fall during the race. Lolzor.

Amstel Gold Race on IMDB. Rate: 1/10. Because Gilbert won.

PS: Really looking forward to “Liège-Bastogne-Liège” next week. But I think it’ s going to be too much cyclingseries for most people. Liège AND Amstel in the same afternoon?! Crazy.


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