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August 8, 2011 / The Ghost

The Smurfs

It’ s blue, it ‘ s small, it’ s in 3D, and no, it’ s not something I jacked off to long.

You know what it is?! So do I!

This is my first blog post since a while, and I’ m writing because of a special occasion. There’ s a movie of the Smurfs coming out!

Smurfs is about little dwarflike creatures who walk around in a forrest, being stupid as they are. They shot this movie in 3D, in New York (a big city, take that In Bruges) and it’ s in color (yes, that’ s to you Schindler’s list). So this movie already deserves three points for me.

Now, three out of ten would be too much maybe for this movie. There’ s only one reason why it would be too much: The thing I hate about the Smurfs is that they are blue. Jamesie has worked so hard on Avatar and made the most epic movie ever. He, and no one else has the right to create blue creatures! That’ s a minus 100, but I don’ t want to be too hard on them, so I’ ll make that -96/10.

Smurfs on IMDB: -96/10.

PS: Go watch the movie, but first buy some nachos so you’ d actually enjoy something while sitting there.


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