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January 19, 2012 / The Ghost


I started following the serie last week, and wet my pants.



I first read about this serie in a magazine. There was an interview with J.J. Abrams, one of the greatest story writers ever (cfr. Lost), and he was talking about his new series: Alcatraz. Now, I don’ t know much about prisons. So I thought: “wow, this can be interesting”. But the first episode was awful.

J.J. Abrams “copy – pasted” Lost, but he replaced the monster on the island with a (stolen) prison. The same island, the same time travellingwoeptidoe, even Hugo returns in this serie. Please J.J., we can all see this is a complete waste of my time. Not only did he copy from his own series, he also copied from other movies. The prison he is using, was already used in “The Rock“. This movie was made in 1996, so what did you expect?!?! The buildings look really old and are almost falling apart. I expect the next episode will be better. Dinosaurs will be transported through time on the island: That would explain why Sam Neill is on the island. He sure has a lot of experience with those dinosaurs on islands. Smart move J.J.

The one thing which will keep me watching, is the fact that Lost was the greatest serie ever made (please make an 7th season JJBoy). So – Lost being a great serie and all that – even a copy should be epic. In other words: I’ m a Fan with capital S, haha 🙂

Alcatraz on IMDB: 1/10. Because it looks a little bit like the best series ever made (Lost).


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