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January 20, 2012 / The Ghost


What is this shit. Are those asswipes working backwards in America or what? You’re supposed to kill people first, and then you put them in the ground. Not the other way around!



First of all: I like Michael C. Hall, he has potential. He worked with dead people in that funeral series I forgot the name of, and I share his passion. They’re so easy, they never say “no” when you need to ask them something or want to do something with them. I liked him for playing a gay guy with dead friends. And then he took the role of Dexter.

Personally, I think Dexter isn’t even the most interesting character in the series. Let’s see more of Debra. And I mean that in any way possible. Or how about Deputy Chief Matthews? Again, in any way possible. Better yet: how about a mexican spin-off series? And they could call it: Batista. I would watch that instantly. Now, back to Michael.

How the hell could you possibly sink that low? I mean, what’s better than playing with dead people? He has to cut them up first? And again, the chronology doesn’t make any sense. Since when do actors work backwards in their roles? Good thing I’m around to do al the logical thinking.

Dexter on IMDB: 0/10. Because, my dear Michael, you had it made in that funeral home with an infinite supply of corpses, and you gave it all away. Such a shame.


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