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January 20, 2012 / The Ghost

How I Met Your Mother – 150th Episode

And here I am again. It is apparently a week of landmarks, not that they’re any good. But anyway.

After more than six seasons of searching, Ted still hasn’t found his future wife. He’s not doing a very good job, not to mention he turns a lot around the pot. And frankly, I’m getting mighty sick of it. After 150 episodes, I think it’s clear to me that the writers didn’t have a proper education, and we don’t blame them with crappy education like that in the States. They obviously meant “How I Missed Your Mother” and he must be talking to his future children in another dimension. Makes perfect sense.

So, to celebrate 150 episodes of never finding Ted’s wife, I rewatched everything and prepared for the worst.



A much better intro with mostly Barney, a correct title ànd stripper Lilly in one episode? I think I just big banged in my pants.

How I Met Your Barney on IMDB: 10/10.


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