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January 21, 2012 / The Ghost

Mag ik u kussen?

“Mag ik u kussen?” is a dutch program, translated: “Can I kiss you?”. I thought it would go deeper



I only watched this show once, but it was enough. There’ s one person who wants to be kissed, and three people who want to give the kiss. Now, only one of those three guys can give the kiss. Can you still follow? I can’ t. This was the ideal way to start a gang bang on national television without getting fines for it. This was – again – a waste of my time.

Alternate titles and plots

  • Can we gang bang you?
  • Can I f*ck you?
  • Can I l*ck you?
  • Can I *** ****** **** ******* *** you?
  • Can I sh*t on you?


Mag ik u kussen? on IMDB: -68/10. Because it wasn’ t a -69.


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