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February 4, 2012 / The Ghost

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is the perfect mix between “Jurassic Parc” and “Lost”. Just kidding. It sucks, of course.



What if… the world was overcrowded, and we could transport people back in time to create colonies and start a new life. I did not now that it was already possible to travel into time. I’ ve been reading about this subject ever since I watched the first episode of Terra Nova. The machine used in Terra Nova must be brand new, because I couldn’ t find any information at all about it. I bet Apple designed it to put in their new iPhone. I’ d call it the iTimetraveler 2000. Cool 🙂

The rest of the series sucked.

Terra Nova on IMDB: -1000000/10. Not only the years went 1 billion years back in this series.


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