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August 8, 2012 / The Ghost

Step Up Revolution

10 reasons why you should see this movie.



  1. It’ s a common fact that girls have tits.
    There are girls in this movie, and I like tits. Win.
  2. I like Dirty dancing (with my bro’ s).
  3. The title makes it clear: this is a revolution for the dancing world.
    Can’ t compare with my moves though.
  4. This movie will obviously change the course of movie history.
    The acting, the directing, the CGI and music. Oscar please.
  5. Dancing in the street. Always wanted to do that. Naked.
  6. It contributes to the story of the previous Step Up movies. Unbelievable plot!
  7. Misha Gabriel Hamilton aka “Eddy” in this movie. He’ s hot.
    Mishaboy, if you read this, I dig ya.
  8. Now I can see them dance in 3D! See those titties go up and down 🙂
  9. The duration of 99 minutes is an excellent referal to Jay-Z’ s “99 Problems“.
    And I’ m the bitch.
  10. I recommend it. When I recommend something, you better go see it.

Step Up Revolution on IMDB: 10/10. Step up.


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