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January 4, 2013 / The Ghost


I wasn’ t able to watch this 2D-shit.



Dear 007-moviemaker,

this is the year 25 AM (After Martens), also known as 2013 for some people who still use the obsoleted year-system. This means we shoot films in 3D and we use colors and sound in our movies. How can I see M die in 2D? I could barely see how the knife hit her in the back and how she died in Bond’s arms. It looks like shit.

People want to sit in the cinema with glasses on their head. They want to feel like they are inside the movie. Fuck photography and nice shots: 3D is all the public wants. I hope you finally understand 3D is a necessity and not something “fancy” or “extra” you add to a movie.

Kind regards,
the Movie-Wizard (aka Martens)

PS: Javier Bardem looks gay and I didn’ t see the sky fall. Misleading title. I demand a refund.

Skyfall on IMDB: 2D/10. The D stands for 0, that makes 0/10 dumb asses.


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