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January 24, 2013 / The Ghost

Farting in Church

It’s a dramatic shortfilm about real people with real emotions and with real problems.



The simple story of Farting in Church goes as follows: a man is listening to the sermon of the priest, and for some unexplainable reason, he starts to fart uncontrollably. To the point where everyone has to flee. This is definitely a refreshing, blowing wind through the air.

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never seen such a dramatic and sad movie as this one. I even cried when the girl with the inhaler died. And the final scene was so powerful, you see the last guy trying to breathe fresh air. But he knows it’s unavoidable. He will die. All the emotions are coming back to me, just writing about it.

And someone nominate that farting actor for best villain of the year. His acting was superbly done. He is so evil. I think the creators of this are trying to send us a message. Let’s go deeper into the subject.

When I fart, I don’t necessarily feel bad. I feel relieved, happy, even a bit aroused. It actually made me feel for the bad guy in the movie. I understood what he was going through. Again, Oscar please.

And it is no coincidence that the man farted during a holy ceremony. Does this mean that the fart is God? And that He will embrace us all? Are farts our salvation? Or are farts a sign that the Doomsday approaches? Is the fart a test of God to see if you are worthy of His Holy Kingdom?

Let’s assume that I’m outside the church. I fart. And the wind blows my fart into the church. Have I offended the Lord technically with my gas, or has the wind (that blew my wind in the church) offended Him? A wind blows a wind. What if the wind farts. Windception.

If the gas comes from the spaghetti, and if Jesus likes spaghetti, does that mean He likes my fart?

What if you are making a confession in a church to the priest, and you fart. Do you need to confess your fart? What if the fart comes from the hostees? Are the farts divine? So many different theories.

It really makes you think about the meaning of life.

Farting in Church on IMDB: 9/10. Serious stuff.


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