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January 24, 2013 / The Ghost

Life of Pi

This movie sucks tigerballs (there weren’ t any monkeys in it).



I was looking forward to the new Ang Lee-movie. However, the plot is too complicated. I’ve seen the film about 4 times now, and still haven’ t found pi. The first three times, I have been looking for a solution like I once did in my mathematics class. No number 3,14 was to be found. Disappointed I went home, where my mother was baking a pie. While I was licking the last pieces of pie of her fingers, it occurred to me that the pi might be a pie. So I went back a fourth time, agitated by this new discovery. But no. No pies. No pi’s. No pi. Nothing.

Luckely I bought some nacho’ s and brought some tissue so I could enjoy myself anyway.

Ang Lee. You suck. Tigerballs.

Life of Pi on IMDB: 3.14159/10. Any other rating for this movie is mathematically impossible.


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