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January 24, 2013 / The Ghost

The Master

They finally made a movie about my life.



At least, that’ s what I thought. A movie with such title can only be about my life, or Jamesies life. Not only is the title incorrect, the actors are playing their roles ridiculously. Joaquin Phoenix plays a Naval veteran while he actually is an emporer of Rome, why did he get an Oscar nomination? I did not know they gave Oscars away with a box of cereal? Where can I buy these boxes? I want one as well!

But ok, let’ s talk about the movie itself: A Naval veteran arrives home from war and doesn’ t know what to do. He’ s unsettled and uncertain of his future. That’ s it. Impressive huh? NOT. LOLZOR.

My alternate titles

  • The curious uncuriously curious master
  • The master, but mr. Martens is better
  • Retsam Eth (make the title as ridiculous as the plot)

The Master on IMDB: 0/10. Who’ s the master now b*tches.


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