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January 25, 2013 / The Ghost


It’s about the modern Titanic story. The plane that could not crash.

It did.



So the plane crashes and the pilot lies and says he didn’t do it. The plane did. Last time I checked, Denzieboy, planes aren’t alive. People are. The moral of the story is that lying only makes things worse. I disagree, I’ve gotten pretty good at lying in my life and it has brought me so much comfort and joy.

Tip: When your girlfriend forbids you from texting with another girl, just use e-mail. Because she didn’t say that wasn’t allowed. Did she? Did she?! Ahh, I always know how to get around them, and I always win šŸ™‚

Alternate titles

  • Titanic II: The Plane
  • Drunk Pilot
  • Liar Man (the best title in my opinion)
  • Farting in Planes

Flight on IMDB: 2/10. Because lying works.


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