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January 26, 2013 / The Ghost

One Hour Photo

One Hour boringness.



Actually, it wasn’ t one hour of boringness, it was one and a half hours of complete ridicules film making. This Robin Williams- comedy starts with a mother, Nina, and her son who give their photos to mr Parrish. Mr Parrish is funny because he gives away free cameras. He’ s also really friendly: he keeps photos of Nina, his son and her husband in his living room. How much more can he show that he really loves them? I had some good laughs, but he has made better comedies. Sorry Robinboy, you failed this time.

I hope people are not too shocked when they saw my naked pictures in this movie. Mr Parrish, if you read this, you can get them up in your living room if you want. That would really brighten up the room I think! 🙂

Alternate titles

  • One and a half hour photo
  • Mr Parrish is a creep
  • Hot Nina
  • Worthless (give the movie a title which is also a synopsis)

One Hour Photo on IMDB: 0/10. Just like some photos, this movie has not been developed yet.


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