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February 7, 2013 / The Ghost

In Time

Sadly enough, this movie had still 1 hour 49 left.


Let’ s look at this movie from a very logical point of view. Everyone has a time on his or her arm and you can pass it on to each other. The problem is that you can’ t wear T-shirts, because your time would always be seen. So I would put the time stamp on your ass. This would be a lot more funny. First of all, people shit on their own time. That’ s funny, right?! Secondly they can’ t see their own time. So they’ d have to ask other people to watch their asses. That would be a perfect explanation for the saying “Watch my ass”.

My biggest problem in this movie was time travel. When someone tries to go back in time, do they get that time back? I’ ve spent so much time thinking about this that my head exploded and my hair is pointing everywhere.

Alternate endings

  • They all start playing timeroulette and die in the casino’ s. That way the movie can be finished in 2 minutes instead of lasting 1h49.
  • Evil robots come in and take all the time away. Then an UFO picks them up while all humans have only 10 seconds to live. They have one last big orgie on earth.
  • An UFO flies in and just kills them. Because they can.
  • Steve Jobs was brought back from the past and invents the iTime. A machine which gives you time through your iPhone.

In Time on IMDB: 0/10. My points also went out of time.


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