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May 3, 2013 / The Ghost

Silver Linings Playbook

No lines, no silver and no playbook.


Barney Stinson owns the Playbook. So it’s obvious it is not in this movie, unless they stole it. Either way, the title is or a lie, or this whole movie is a rip off. I think it’ s both.

The plot. Wacko – called Bradsomething – gets out of a mental institution. Yes, he’ s crazy. He does not want to take his pills and he doesn’ t want to watch football with his father. He meets Tiffasomething, the sister of his best friends wife. She’ s hot but crazy, I’ d fuck her. But wackoboy doesn’ t. They don’ t kiss or have sex for the next 60 minutes. Why?

I analyzed this moment in the movie very carefully, and then it became clear to me. At first I thought he had to take pills for his mental illness. That’ s not true, it was viagra. He’ s going crazy because he can’ t get it up anymore without his pills. That’s probably why he ended up in the mental institution. When he got out, he thought he could do it without the pills, but that didn’ t work out.

Then Tiffasomething came up. He really wanted to bang her, but he still couldn’ t get it up. She goes crazy as well at this point. Her husband just died, so she hasn’ t had sex in ages. They both “dance” together as a sort of prelude to the sex. It didn’ t work. They dance some more, they become so good that they enter this competition and this is the point where everything comes together! He gets it up, his father wins a bet, she loves him and his ex wife is a bitch!
I hated the moment where the end titles popped up on the big screen. I was so looking forward to the sex scene. My pants was already resting on my ancles. I came anyway…

Silver Linings Playbook on IMDB: 0/10. Great movie! The zero represents the amount of lines, silver, playbooks and sex in this movie.


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