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August 5, 2014 / The Ghost


Wonderful, just wonderful mr. Spielberg. You failed once again and dragged Daniel Day-Lewis down with you.



Stevieboy has worked many years on this project. But unlike other reviewers I wasn’t really looking forward to the big release. Thanks to my expertise I knew this movie would suck right away.

So it did.


Mr. Spielberg has yet to release his first blockbuster. He has tried so many times with movies like Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Parc, Munich, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Tintin, War of the Worlds, Schindler’s List, Empire of the Sun, E.T. and many other crap.
Dear Steven, disappointed in you. I don’t think you can do much better. Maybe if you would ask Jamesie to help, you could at least try to make a movie which doesn’t make me want to tear my arm of just to have something to throw to the screen.


I shouldn’t even start writing a review about this movie. First of all, I expected this movie to be about magic. Lincoln wears this a big hat the whole movie, but doesn’t manage to pull out a white rabit. Of course this is partly because of the poor performance of Daniel Day-Lewis. This “actor” fits perfectly with Spielberg, as he also hasn’t achieved anything yet. He starred in There will be blood, Gangs of New York, In the name of the father, My left foot and some other bullshit.
Together Steven and Daniel are good for 6 oscars and a total of 17 nominations. That says it all. James Cameron has only received 3 Oscars in his whole career. No need to say the Oscars are worth a tiny rat‘s ass.


Thanks to mr Lincoln everyone is equal. What a load of bullshit. For example: I’m so much better than all the other reviewers on this planet. How is that equal?


Lincoln on IMDB: 10/10. Because 10 is equal to 10. Just kidding. This movie isn’t worth a rating out of 10.

0/0. Equal.


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