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August 6, 2014 / The Ghost

The Book Thief

Outstanding job by Brian Percival. He made one of the best detectives of the last few years.



Seeing the title for the first time, at least I thought I was about to watch a detective. Then I checked IMDB and saw it was marked as a Drama/War epos. Of course they were wrong again. Again, this is why I’ve started blogging. To get things straight, get the facts right and inform people about the misleading movie industry. Anyhow, let’s start this review! Whoop whoop!


It’s 1938 when Liesel Meminger, a young girl, is traveling by train with her mother and her younger brother when he dies. Her mother buries the boy in a cemetery by the tracks and Liesel picks up a book, “The Gravediggers Handbook”, which was left on the grave of her brother and brings it with her. This is very funny actually, because Liesel can not read. How dumb is she? 😀 Try to read my post Liesel, oh no wait, you can’t hahaha.
With her brother burried and her mother not wanting her anymore because she stinks (I guess, this isn’t actually said in the movie but it’s so obvious), she is being adopted. Her new stepmother Rosa doesn’t like her as well because she still stinks like a pig. However, her stepfather Hans likes her because he has a problem with his nose and smell.

Liesel makes a new friend on her way to school, Rudy. He’s not really good with the ladies, so smelly Liesel is an easy pick for him. They don’t have sex in this movie and that’s a shame because Rudy dies a virgin in the end. Liesel shouldn’t have been so selfish and could have easily “given her flower” to Rudy.

Now I have to admit I fell asleep for about an hour whilst watching this movie, so I “missed” a big part of the movie. No worries, nothing important happened. I woke up near the end, when the best thing about in this movie happened (spoiler alert): everyone dies. That way they can’t make a sequel. Cheers for that!


The book thief on IMDB: 1/10. A thief stole 9 points and left 1 book. Haha! 🙂


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