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August 7, 2014 / The Ghost

War Horse

This “war horse” was pretty cute, but I want a My Little Pony for my birthday next year.



Steven missed the ball once again. Not that I expected him to direct a decent movie, but at least the main character in this movie was a good actor. The horse delivered an outstanding performance unlike Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Daniel Day-Lewis and Harrison Ford in some of his previous “movies”.
It’s a shame IMDB doesn’t list horses in his actors list.

Joey – that’s the name Albert gave is horse – is shipped to France. Over there he has the best time of his life. He gets to run with the Germans, help them drag heavy stuff, play with little girls, run through open fields, makes friends and finally meets up with Albert again as he enlisted to find him.

Fun fact: I did not know horses could be gay. Albert falls in love with this black beauty in this movie. He has the largest cock ever and follows him everywhere. They are soulmates. ❤ I bet Jamesie gave Spielberg the idea to make the horses gay. He isn’t creative enough to come up with something brilliant like that by himself. Well done mr Cameron, well done!

No need to say this is a magic horse. The movie was much like The Prestige, which is also about magic. Only this movie is even better because the magic is real and the horses are gay.


Other gay horses Joey might like


War Horse on IMDB: 2/10. 1 for each gay horse.


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