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August 8, 2014 / The Ghost

Sex Drive

One of the best movies of the 21st century. Epic drama which will stand the wheel of time.



I didn’t know what to expect, since Hollywood doesn’t always give clear titles to its movies. I was hoping for porn, but this was even better.* The movie caught me from the beginning. The characters are so deep, conversations are so life like. Everyone recognizes him or herself in at least one of the characters of this great epos.

Ian, played by Josh Zuckerman, has a chance to undo himself from his virginity. Stretched out over this movie we look forward to this moment. The movie lasts about 2 hours, that’s more than I needed to lose my virginity. But the best part is there’s no need to wait for Ian to actually see some action. His best friend Lance, played by Clark Duke, humps everything he sees. Even the radiator of the car (Dear Clark, can you please let me know how to do that without getting stuck?) gets some action.

Drama enfolds itself when Ian has to make a hard decision. Does he fuck his best friend Felicia, or does he fuck miss Tasty? Fantastic how the creators managed to put so many levels in this movie. This “hard” decision is a perfect example.

If one thing is missing in this movie, it’s special effects. No 3D, no ponytails, no blue creatures, no explosions (except in bed and my pants while watching this movie 😉 ). This calls for a remake. I already thought for a clever title: Sex 3Drive.

* Just kidding, nothing beats porn 🙂


Sex Drive on IMDB: 7/10. Minus 3 because of the dimensions.


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