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August 9, 2014 / The Ghost

Walk of Shame

Elizabeth Banks. Humina humina humina.



Elizabeth Banks is the only good thing in this movie. I love how she gave a boost to her career, starting at the lowest point as a reporter in The Hunger Games to a national news anchor.

I don’t know any shame, so some alternate (better) titles:

  • Meghan
  • Meghan is hot
  • Meghan is very hot
  • Meghan is really hot
  • Meghan is ridiculously hot

Some other movies Meghan needs to star in:

Movies Meghan should not star in because they will always suck.


PS: Jamesie, if you read this (of course you do, who doesn’t read my epic blog 🙂 ) please give miss Banks a role in Avatar 2. I’d like to see her in blue, having sex with her ponytail.


Walk of shame on IMDB: 10/10. Because it wasn’t directed by Steven Spielberg.


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