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August 10, 2014 / The Ghost


Suits is a television series launched in 2011. And that’s all there is to say about it.



Again Hollywood, yet again. You failed giving a serie a good name. Because the only thing happening in this series is people walking around in … suits. How many times do I have to tell you? Do NOT spoil the plot in the title.

I was very disappointed in the fact that you spoiled the plot yet again, but then I discovered not everyone is wearing a suit. Yes. It’s a sad world we live in. Not only do they give away the story in one word, they also lie about it in those same 5 letters. Half of the people in this series is wearing – hold on to your chair – a dress! F*ck that shit! Why aren’t they just naked so the title would still be correct? I just don’t understand.

Also, this wasn’t very original, was it lads? Barney Stinson started wearing suits a long time before you started recording. I guess he didn’t take a patent on it.

Alternate plots and titles:

  • Ponchos
  • Polos
  • Ties
  • Bras
  • Bandanas


Suits on IMDB: 10/10. Because my mother is a veterinary.


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