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August 12, 2014 / The Ghost


He gets shot and dies. You don’t have to watch it anymore now. Thank you? You’re welcome 🙂



Milk is not actually about milk. It’s a bit about “milk” and a little bit more about Harvey Milk. I know, a lot of people weren’t expecting this in the industry. I was as shocked as you were. Well, not really, I still am the best reviewer and knew things didn’t quite add up.

American gay activist Harvey Milk wants gay horses like Joey (War Horse, cfr) to be able to express themselves freely. That’s why he gets into politics. He is the first openly gay elected official. Well, actually, he wasn’t elected but he bribed about 10.000 people by offering them blow jobs. He even made a movie which he put on YouTube, “two guys one horse”, where he got himself and Joey into some trouble. You should look it up on the internet.

Sean Penn, playing Harvey Milk, sucks in this movie. Big time. And I mean this in a literal way. There are a lot of people he has sucked. I also suck now and then, especially when I’m writing my awesome reviews. I make the “milk” pour out of my mouth.


Milk on IMDB: 9/10. Because milk is healthy but Sean Penn’s “milk” isn’t.

PS: I’m looking for a horse and a camera.


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