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August 21, 2014 / The Ghost


I am Sherlocked.



When my friends told me that Sherlock was so incredible, they must’ve been high. It can’t be good. I’m always right, even when I’m not. Yes. So, I started watching it, and yes, it is brilliant. Indeed, I’m right again.

The series consists of three seasons so far, each containing three episodes of one and a half hours long. A fourth season is underway, and for good reason. Every season tackles three new and intriguing cases, strung together by a main theme or villain. Although Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic character has been around for decades, BBC manages to take his stories and put them in an attractive modern setting, whilst presenting everything in what is probably the sexiest crime scene cinematography yet. Small details are magnified and clearly described, giving us a visual interpretation of how Sherlock‘s incredibly busy and intelligent mind ticks.

It’s safe to say that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s impersonation of the most famous detective ever is unparalleled. The subtle details in his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes present us with a character that is rich with personality: not only showcasing the brilliance that the sleuth is capable of, but also demonstrating how his cocky and arrogant nature collides with that of his colleagues, acquaintances and – admittedly, very few – friends. I also need to point out the excellent portrayals of John Watson, James Moriarty and Charles Augustus Magnussen, played respectively by Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott and Lars Mikkelsen.

The main reason why Sherlock is such a big hit, though, is because of its original mix of humor, poignant storyline and inventive cinematography. The show manages to throw new twists in exciting ways in your face and keeps you enthralled during the entire ride. And even though there are only nine huge episodes out to date, each season cliffhanger gets you yearning and guessing about what narrative direction the show will take in its next season.

But, sadly enough, Robbieboy was first with his interpretation of Sherlock, so this one is obviously a cheap rip-off. So disappointed.


0/10 (not even worth linking to IMDB)


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