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August 22, 2014 / The Ghost

Walk the Line

June, please get a boob job. D-cups or larger would have kept your first husband from leaving you, so you wouldn’t have to date Johnnyboy and this horrible movie would have never been made.



Yes, AGAIN no lines. I expected a movie like Cube with lines killing people. Sadly Johnny sang for more than 2 hours and wasn’t killed at all…

The worst thing about this movie must be the soundtrack. It really sucked. Please make a movie with some better songs. I’ ll review it when the remake comes out and there’s actually something interesting to write about.

Just kidding. I won’t waste my precious reviewtime to remakeshit like this 🙂


One good quote from this movie which I will use to my benefit:
– “Tell me I’m not the best reviewer on this planet.”
– “You’re not the best reviewer on this planet.”
– “Liar.”


PS: I noticed you used the same prison in The Shawshank Redemption, Alcatraz, The Last Castle, Public Enemies, The Walking Dead, Prison Break and Orange is the New Black. Stop the cheap low budget re-use of prisons Hollywood. It’s bad enough you keep on reusing islands and boats over and over again.


Walk the Line” on IMDB. 1/10. For the quote.


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