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September 10, 2014 / The Ghost


It’s about a killing mirror. Well, yes, of course the reflection would kill you if you were as stunning as I am.



Should you watch this movie? To help you out, I made a handy-dandy flowchart.


1) Do you like movies?
Yes – Go to 2
No – Go to 6

2) Do you like nachos?
Yes – Go to 3
No – Go to 6

3) Do you like redheads?
Yes – Go to 4
No – Go to 6

4) Do you understand this flowchart so far?
Yes – Go to 5
No – Go to 1

5) Do you like mirrors?
Yes – Go to 6
No – Go to 6

6) No.


Oculus” on IMDB: 0/10. Flowcharts are curious.


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