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October 16, 2015 / The Ghost


Lots of people break things in this movie. I even broke my head about it. Who came up with this ridiculous title?



It’s the unbelievable tale of Louis Zamperini, played by Jack O’Connell. They say it’s based on real life events. Funny, because there are lots of things which don’t make sense in this movie. I’ll make a list of things which make this movie obviously fiction:


  • There’s absolutely no need to train for running. It’s so simple. Everyone can do it without any exercise. It’s all about talent.
  • Since when do people eat fish? Seriously guys. If it’s not fried, don’t eat it. A free health tip!
  • Japanese people don’t have time to fight with Americans. They never have. They are too busy making funny television shows all the time.
  • An actress, Angelina Jolie, directed this movie. Woman are directing movies now? 😀


These things made me realise this is not a real movie. It was a hidden camera-thing. But they didn’t fool me! I, of course, saw it all coming. That’s because I am the most awesome movie reviewer on this planet. Well tried Angelina 😉


Unbroken on IMDB. 9.00/10. My time on the 100m, if I would want to run it of course. Which I will never do because it’s way too easy.


PS: Angelina, you’re always welcome to enjoy some fries with me. I have lots of mayonnaise. If you like ketchup better, no problem. We can mix them up and make a nice cock-tail sauce to dip my hot frikandel in 🙂 Please leave Brad at home. I don’t like bad actors in my house.


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