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October 19, 2015 / The Ghost


Worst pre-sequel of the year!



Why did they hire George Clooney if they knew he would be in this movie for only 10 minutes or so? Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy he wasn’t in this movie any longer. I would have killed myself by drowning myself in a popcorn can filled with cola if I had to see this “actor” (lol 🙂 ) for another five seconds. Luckily Sandra Bullock has boobs because she was twice as awful. Luckily for you the best reviewer on this planet held it together and drank all the coke in stead of drowning in it.


If there is one interesting thing about this movie. It would be the ending. But even that isn’t really interesting.

The ending made their sequel, “Interstellar“, possible. For this sequel they hired another director. Alfonso Cuarón made place for Christopher Nolan. I expect this to be a lousy piece of crap. We know Christophieboy for flops like The Dark Knight, Inception and Memento. I can’t even remember the plot of that last movie 🙂


I hope the skies will be natural blue and not black in their next movie. What a rookie mistake!


Gravity on IMDB. 0/10. The number of lightyears I would travel to see this movie.


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