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October 19, 2015 / The Ghost

Jurassic World

Mr. Spielberg is as ancient as the dinosaurs in this movie.



In the beginning there was the Big Bang, then there was an island and on this island they have build Jurassic Park. Now the tricky part: Jurassic World isn’t actually a world but a park as well. HUH?? Yeah.


Spielberg resumes his pathetic career with another miserable fuck up. I have an idea. Why don’t we name the next movie “Jurassic Milky Way” and shoot it in my back yard? We could finalize with Jurassic Universe and team up with miss Universe. We could make a miss dinosaur in my bed room.


Jurassic World on IMDB. -10.000.000/10. That’s about the time when Steven Spielberg came out of a T-Rex’s ass. Unfortunately he didn’t extinct.


P.S.: I’m serious about shooting the next movie my back yard. I have a pool, so the water-dinosaur-thing could fit right in! Also, the frituur is not far, so we can feed the dinosaurs nice and healthy food to keep them in shape.


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