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October 21, 2015 / The Ghost

The Big Lebowski

Rumor has it “The Big Lebowski” will get a sequel. Ethan and Joel Coen just announced the sad news. I realized there wasn’t a review of the first movie on my CUCOTURROMUCRB blog, so let’s start with the “original” (I can barely type that word in the same article as “Ethan & Joel Coen” unless it’s something like “Ethan en Joel Coen are not original”) one.



I saw a lot of parallels between this movie and my own life. Rip off: spotted!

I also have a girlfriend who owed some money to a pornographer (me). I hired some people to kidnap her and asked to bribe her friend (me) with Apple stocks. When I finally bought the stocks, my girlfriend was released and I ended up with more Apple stocks. It was magnificent 🙂


This movie went down the drain when they added a second person with the same name (Jeffrey Lebowski) to it. A big mix up took place. Rip off 2: spotted! By adding a second character who is falsely mistaken for the same Jeffrey Lebowski, the multimillionaire couldn’t profit himself by letting his wife being kidnapped.

Also, he asked for money and not Apple stocks. Apple stocks are worth so much more than money.
You can find my authority approved economic post about buying your own stocks here.


It’s weird how two talentless brothers can win multiple Oscars, or should I say Broscars (lol! 😉 ), with this kind of crap. Go back to your mommie guys, she baked you some fishies.

The Big Lebowski on IMDB. 10/10. The first 10 for my fantastic life. The second 10… also!

P.S.: I’m awesome.



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  1. jessicabridgeworth / Oct 22 2015 04:38

    I like your review style, The Ghost. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

    • The Ghost / Oct 22 2015 13:42

      Hi, Jess! Very flattered. Permission granted!

      • jessicabridgeworth / Oct 23 2015 05:36

        Sure thing :). If you let me know your email we’ll send you the details. Thanks!

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