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December 2, 2015 / The Ghost

Bridge of Spies

The bridges were of concrete, not spies. What a brilliant comparison by Stevieboy. He’s also made of cold useless concrete and not human flesh. Could this perhaps be his masterpiece?





Some alternatives:

  • Make it a hot war instead of a cold war. This way you could get rid of all the clothes in the movie. Not only will this be fantastic for the budget of this low cost production (less clothes = less money), but it would also be much more interesting.
  • We could also make it a star war, but it sucks enough as it is.
  • Actual spy bridges could bring this movie to a next level. Just let them hold hands so people can walk over them. I’m willing to test your female spy-bridge Stevie.
  • Ask John Hammond to release some dinosaurs into Russia. Nazdrovje.
  • Film in black and white. This movie is so bad it’s not necessary to waste colors.


Bridge of Spies on IMDB: 1/10. To give mr. Spielberg some hope. Maybe he’ll direct another movie so I can have a good laugh again. 😀


PS: On IMDB it says this is a drama. This needs some explanation. Actually this is a comedy. But it’s so bad that this movie became a drama for Steven. Most people don’t get this. Luckily I’m not most people! 😉


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