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February 2, 2016 / The Ghost

The Revenant

The Revenant? If I want to see a documentary about bears, I’ll watch National Geographic.



Just kidding of course. National Geographic sucks. Unless I start filming my own movies no Hollywood production can probably get me quiet. Except those fantastic James Cameron-3D-productions. You rock my world Jamie. Alejandro González Iñárritu-productions on the contrary make me want to blow my brains out. Just trying to reãd his nãmè mãkes my brãíñs bôìl. Why ãgãín wãs thís fílmed ín Argéñtíñà?


It takes mr. Glass days only to get over one simple snowy mountain, fight with a bear and kill a man. Boohoo. Big thing. When I’m in the Alps I cross like a hundred mountains in just one day. With Leoboy it seems to take forever.

Get back on your boat Leo! Back in those Cameron-Titanic-days when you didn’t have to be ashamed to say you’re an actor. Ever since you haven’t even once performed on that high level again. The Wolf of Wall Street, yuk. Django Unchained, LOL. The Departed, plz shoot me. Inception, I’m dreaming. The Aviator, crashed. Blood Diamond, bloody painfull.
Suggestion: Titanic II: The revenge of Zombie-Jack! 😉 IN 3D!!!


The Revenant on IMDB: 1/10. One point for Powaqa who got some in the ass behind a tree.


Warning: Spoiler alert. I could have placed this in the beginning of the review, but this way you really don’t have to suffer watching it anymore 🙂 You’re welcome!


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